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Pre, During, and Post Divorce Assistance

Helping You Cross the Bridge from Pain to Pleasure

Helping clients in person or over the phone in all 50 states and Canada gain control over their lives.  

From the first thoughts of "Should I or Shouldn't I file for divorce" to holding your hand if you are blind-sided with divorce papers Susan will be there for you any time you need-nights, weekends, holidays.  


Achieving Your Goals
relating to:
Parenting, Finances and Post Divorce  Changes

Helping You Be the Very Best You Can Be

Father and Children

Children First

Making Sure You Are the Best Parent You Can Be  

Helping you figure out your ideal parenting/custody plan and overcoming obstacles to make it a reality!  Getting you the life you want with your children.  Communicating with your former spouse and dealing with those that are Narcissists.  Making sure you always take the high road. Keeping you and your children safe from Domestic Violence and abuse of any kind.

Organizing Your Money and Finances

Saving you money in legal fees by preparing you for your attorney or mediator.  Ensuring your needs are met and safeguards are in place so you don't have to go back to court. 

Making sure your finances are in order by providing resources such as Certified Divorce Financial Planners and Forensic Accountants to make sure you get all you deserve.  Helping you understand your changing finances and creating a budget to live the life the way you want!

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Post Divorce Services
New Career * New House * New Relationship

Helping clients adjust to their new life.  Transition and recovery services to get you to your next place to live and career change you seek. Guiding clients to the new relationships they have always imagined. Helping clients identify their personal and professional goals.  Achieving the new life you want related to new relationships, new place to live and new career options.


Divorce Coach Plus will be your most valuable resource during your divorce - Susan Korb Bernstein specializes in helping her clients get out of toxic relationships with best case custody circumstances as well as the best financial outcomes they deserve.


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Susan Korb Bernstein, Ed.D., CDC

Susan is a Certified Divorce Coach with a speciality in Post Divorce Recovery and Transition and will help you go through the changes of divorce with ease.  She helps clients achieve their goals and get to where they want to be.  Susan helps many clients who want to get out of toxic relationships get what they need and deserve related to their children and finances. Prior to becoming a Certified Divorce Coach Susan earned her doctorate in Education Leadership and was a school teacher and administrator. Her studies and focus have always been on what is best for the children. She is certified as a coach in all 50 states and can do sessions over the phone, or in person if you live in the New York tri-state area.  Susan's promise to you is that you will end each session with action steps to get you closer to achieving your goals and the life you want!


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